Climbing holidays Dolomites

considered by many the most beautiful mountains in the world

The Dolomites are considered to be one of the most impressive and beautiful mountain groups in the world. The majestic peaks of the Sassolungo (3,181 m), Sas Rigais (3,025m) or the Sella Towers are just some among the most famous. The Dolomites are named after the French geologist Déodat de Dolomieu, who provided the first mineralogical and chemical analysis of the dolomite rock in 1791. The impressive towers, which were formed millions of years ago as coral reefs beneath the surface of the sea, have a very peculiar mineralogical composition. Today, they appear as bizarre rock formations that reach towards the sky.

Val Gardena in the Dolomites is one of the most beautiful and famous climbing areas in the world. In this fantastic mountain scenery, climbers will find the ideal spot for their adventures on the rock. The area offers well secured climbing walls, impressive adventure trails, moderate alpine routes, as well as imposing big wall routes. Thus, there is terrain for every experience level and every climber will find what he has always been looking for.

Main climbing areas

With its breath-taking climbing routes, its challenging multi-pitch climbs and the countless adventure trails, Val Gardena turns out to be a true climbing paradise. The highest peak in the territory is that of Sassolungo (3,181 m), a mountain massif in the western Dolomites. Its summit - the Grohmann peak - can be beaten, for example, by climbing the 1,000 m north-east wall.

Another famous spot for rock climbing is the Sella Group, popular for its short approaches, easy descents, and well-protected routes that are not too long. The massif offers many different climbing routes, which you can reach within a few walking minutes from the Sella Pass.

Many of the existing climbing routes were built and made accessible by the ‘Catores’, an association of the most skilled climbers of the valley. Together with the ‘Catores’ you can explore the beautiful mountains and admire the incredible landscapes from the top of each climb. Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced climber looking for the next level of adventure, the expert mountain guides will lead you into the fascinating world of climbing in the heart of the Dolomites.

best climbing tours:

  • Plan de Gralba-Cansla Traumpfeiler: one of the most famous sport climbing areas in South Tyrol, famous for its magnificent rock and its exciting routes; it offers more than 50 routes with levels of difficulty ranging from 5b to 8a.
  • Grohmann Peak - Dimai: the tour allows you to reach Val Gardena’s highest summit; difficulty level: 4
  • La Cava-Val: La Cava offers about 30 routes for sport climbers.
  • Gardena Pass - Frea: DPopular climbing routes with varying degrees of difficulty on the solid dolomite rock. This crag is one of the largest and most beautiful in the Dolomites.